Art Information

  My Art Information 
For information about my art please read the following. 
All of my paintings and drawings, (except where specified) are my original work, done by my own hand. 
Most of the images and themes, especially of my Aboriginal paintings are generated from my childhood memories and family experiences, including extensive travels throughout Australia, in particular. 
Painting Inclusions 
Certificate of Authenticity and Registered Details 
1. With every painting/Drawing includes  a signed and dated "Certificate of Authenticity" by the painter as Original work. 
2. Each Painting/Drawing has its own Registered number included with the Certificate of Authenticity.  
3. Each painting has the artists DNA with his right thumb print is yellow paint on the paintings reverse side, bottom right hand corner. 
4. Listed on the reverse side of each painting also includes the following information: 
    a. Name of Painting 
    b. Registered number 
    c. Acrylic paint on canvas 
    d. Framed, 'stretched on wood' or as specified 
    e. Date painted 
Painting Information/Description 
With each painting I produce a folder which contains the following information: 
1. Each painting has a description. 
2. Each painting contains an historical fact sheet. 
 3. Artists background 
4. A Copy of the artists Aboriginality Certificate 
4. Instructions on "How To Care For Your Painting" 
Painting Protection 
Every painting is sprayed with a silicone to give and ensure its longevity and protection. 
International Purchase 
ALL international purchases are forwarded in a cylinder postal tube - unframed. 
Should you NOT be satisfied with your purchase, then at your own cost you may return your painting to the artist (in the same condition) and you will refunded in full of your original purchase price. 
NOTE: However, for international purchases, cost of transport will be deducted from the purchase price. 
Thank you for viewing my work. 
All images/pictures contained herein are watermarked for prevention of being copied and display purposes. 
All art and their respective images or part thereof is subject to world copyright laws. 
Thank you for viewing my art. 
Thomas Smith 
Saltwater Dreaming