Saltwater Dreaming

Saltwater Dreaming
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My interpretation of Saltwater Dreaming covers a period; a very long period, of “Indigenous Dreaming” but also reminds me during my earlier years as a young boy and later as a father. 


These memories of a “powerful” and at times a dangerous surf; but on sunny and windless days, and there were many, of a Sea that gently glistened, giving off a hue of an expansive, beautiful deep blue sea that was simply breathtaking! 


The large White Dots represent the “White Seahorses” during these wild periods. The deep blue hue is the magnificent water during the most beautiful “still” days and the lighter Blue/Green Dots emphasize the Sun’s rays shining through. The Black Dots represent the “dark” shadows created by the deeper water that the Sun’s rays could not penetrate. 


Saltwater Dreaming, is just that; forever changing with the tides, winds, flooding rains and those sunny crisp days that good memories are made of: 


One such great memory was when I was fishing with my two of my sons, Michael and Rodney off the Headland to the north of Saltwater Beach. We were using 12 feet fibre glass beach fishing rods, bated with “Cunje Boy”; a deep pink coloured Sea Urchin that grew profusely off the nearby rocks and was the natural food for many “Saltwater” fish. Suddenly we “hooked” a massive Black Drummer fish that put up the most fiercest of fights; added to our difficult task at the time was the Saltwater Sea was raging. Michael and I had to hold the beach rod, while Rodney successfully wound in the powerful swimming fish; leaving us all exhausted, but highly elated after a 20

minute tussle. 


My other great memories, also after I left living at “Saltwater” was when my late brother, Bill would regularly take me fishing at the same spot. In those days, the fish seemed more plentiful and we never come home without a bagful of beautiful fish for dinner.


Medium: Acrylic paint on Stretched Canvas. 

Painted: 2006  

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