Saltwater Shark Dreaming

Saltwater Shark Dreaming
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This Dot Art painting of a Tiger Shark of the Dreamtime is dedicated to our late Mother, Jean. The circles represent the "Aura" that surrounds this magnificent fish and the circles with the lines represent jelly fish swimming in the water. 

Our mother, who was of Irish descent, was strongly built and had the distinction of being the finest fisher woman: she knew all the best fishing spots around the Saltwater Lagoon shoreline and off the shore. I do remember on one particular occasion where she caught the biggest “lizard”, a slang term for a fish called“Flathead”, that I have ever seen. It was very rare that mum would return home without a “sugar bag” full of tasty fish; all caught on a hand line. Mum was also noted for her strong will and strength. She would also regularly row a wooden boat, single handed through the swelling surf at Saltwater Beach out to the two-mile reef. They say she never came back without a substantial catch, consisting of coral trout, snapper, flat head and bream. Clearly, her magnificent fishing abilities and water sense, “rubbed off” onto us. 

My brother told me of several occasions when our mother had rowed out to the two mile reef where she would catch the most amazing fish; but often as the summer months drew nearer, would be followed and indeed circled many times by a large Tiger Shark. Only on one occasion did Mother had to "ditch" her days fishing overboard to distract the Tiger Shark so she could safely catch a wave back to (our)Wallabi Beach, as it was for the first time getting too near her boat and showed signs of impatience. But Mother never feared the sea. Strangely, my brother said that after the death of our mother in 1949, he never saw the Tiger Shark return; as if it had some affinity with our Mother! 


Tiger Shark Description (Galeocerdo cuvier) 

This large, dangerous shark is to warmer/tropical waters what the great white is to temperate waters. It is named from the dark stripes on its gray back, which pronounced in juveniles but become pale or disappear in large adults. Its wide mouth, broad nose, barrel chest, and the slenderness at the base of its tail are distinctive. So, too, are its heavily serrated, cockscomb-shaped teeth. These, combined with its jaw strength, allow it to cut the bodies of large sea turtles, as well as seals, sea lions, and cetaceans. 

They become very late in the day and at night, and enter shallow reefs and lagoons after dusk to feed. In certain areas they migrate between island groups to take advantage of colonies of young birds learning to fly over water. Generally, tiger sharks are sluggish, but they can move quickly when feeding, and should be treated carefully on the rare occasions they are sighted. 

Diet One of the few true scavengers, it has eaten cattle, pigs, donkeys, sheep, and humans that have fallen overboard. It also has a liking for such spicy treats as venomous jellyfish, stingrays, and sea snakes. 


The tiger shark is the only #ovioviparous requiem shark. It has between 10 and 82 pups after a years gestation. The young are 20-30" (50-75cm) at birth. The mature after about 4 to 6 years, and live for about 12 years. #In ovoviviparous species the embryo develops in an egg within the female's body. The young shark hatches while it is still inside the female and then eats the yolk and any unfertilized eggs. Adult Tiger sharks spend their days beyond the reef edge to depths of about 500' (150m), except at certain times of the year, when they also come inshore during the day.  


The Tiger shark ranges world-wide in tropical waters, but has been spotted in colder southern waters, including Australia. 

Distinguishing Characteristics 

• Extremely dangerous 

• The shark's powerful body makes 

it capable of bursts of speed. 

• Very rarely seen 

• Not common 


Medium: Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas 

Painted: 2007  


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