Flowering Red Tree Peony

Flowering Red Tree Peony
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The artist has captured his very own version of the beauty of the flowering Chinese tree peony.

The Chinese tree peony is the "National Flower of China". This accolade comes from a recognition of the plant's numerous flowers, and that the color of the flowers defy representation even in photos or watercolors. In bloom they have a luminous quality as well as subtle shades and tone that gives them the appearance of being made of silk.

The envelope of fragrance from older plants is an experience that stays with a garden visitor long after they have left the garden. They are also extremely long lived plants, with reports from China of plants living for more that two centuries.

They will grow from the warmest parts in China but in the coldest regions, they grow to a lesser height on a mature plant than one grown in more moderate climate. Additional winter protection of mulch and a wind break will help to protect the plant.

After growing for 4 to 5 years the plants are very hardy and don't require special winter treatment. In the warmer climates, in Southern China where there is very little chill period or dormancy, it is necessary to force dormancy on the plant by trimming off the green leaves (not the stems) in November. Withhold water and let the plant rest during the months of November and December. By January, it will sprout new leaves and will bloom in early February or March.

Most Chinese tree peonies bloom in their fifth year. They live for over 100 years, so even a five year old plant is still a very young plant.

The Chinese have been growing the Tree Peony in pots for more than 1000 years and it has become a tradition to use potted plants in the traditional Chinese court yards as part of their love of gardens and decorations. It does however, take special care.

NOTE: The Yellow border is separate and does NOT form part of this drawing. It is used only as an example to highlight this drawing in its promotion and the purchaser may consider something entirely different to that which is currently displayed with this drawing.

Medium: colored Pencil on 200gsm paper.

Drawn: 2005.


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