The Good Earth Stone Dreamtime

The Good Earth Stone Dreamtime
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This stone, from Saltwater Lagoon, of my People’s Aboriginal Dreamtime represents the“connection” of two people from different Cultures and Heritage; but who’s Forefathers, like mine survived such vilification and flourished in an abundance of Richness, immense Pride and Respect. 


The painting of my Aboriginal Dot Art on this Timeless Stone “Connects” our People and our Land to the rest of the world; sharing and bringing a greater awareness and insight into our rich culture. 

This Stone is Unique! It is millions of years old and there is no other stone like it on this planet. It was gathered by me, along with many others when I was still a young boy living on our farm at Saltwater, opposite Wallabi Beach; even at that time I knew I wanted to paint them in the Traditional Aboriginal Art, as I saw many of my tribes people at the time. Sadly, their work has disappeared so I hope that my Saltwater Dreamtime Stones will carry on with our Forefathers



The new owners of this Stone will share in a piece of Spiritual Culture and History; a Timeless Stone that will give them everlasting Peace and “connection” with each other and with our Good Earth and its People. 


Medium: Acrylic Paint on Stone. 

Painted: 2007  

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