turtle dreaming

turtle dreaming
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My fascination continues with this beautiful sea creature. This time in Dot Art form. 

Symbol of wisdom and longevity. Provide support to you in your activities, health, success in career and stability of family relations. According to ancient Chinese teachings of the "Wind and Water" (feng shui), which is used to help people in search of harmony with the environment, the turtle is Dear God of the North.

In the traditional five-element system meets turtle water component. Consider the establishment of nature has an unusual ability to multiply the positive qualities of human nature, it helps to contain an explosive temperament. It is believed that the turtle creates sources of wealth, helps to avoid critical callousness of soul, which takes place due to the excess of the element Metal. In the sacred writings of Feng Shui says that the energy of the water element contributes to the normal functioning of the kidneys. Everything else, is a classic tortoise talisman Area Career and life path. It also appears as a source of constancy and continuity of generations. Turtle, also - is the embodiment of wisdom and longevity. Followers of art "wind and water" consider this being a defender of various kinds of negative actions. For this figure, a statue with the image of a turtle's head set aside degraded object. It should be noted that for best effect mascot should be located in the northern sector of the home. 

Note: Tortoise always be alone. In Mongolia, we have the following story: In days of old there lived a keen archer-hunter. One day, while hunting on the lake, he shot an unusual creature. Upon closer examination, it turned out that it was a turtle. She lay wounded, and an inverted belly-up. Archer went to her legs and saw a handful of clay turtles. Just below the front feet could be seen sticking a wooden arrow with a metal tip of the mouth - the hot breath on his belly and he could see the water retention. Hunter watched for a while and came to the conclusion that the earth, iron, wood, water and fire are just the five natural elements, which are part of the universe. Thus, the turtle appears as a living model of the world. 


Medium: Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas. 

Painted: 2007.  


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