Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger
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This wonderful drawing captures the "real life" pose of the magnificent male

Bengal Tiger in a commanding pose. The painstaking attention to detail by the artist is quite remarkable when one has a closer look at the original work. No matter from whatever angle this drawing is viewed, the Tiger's eyes will follow

the viewer.

In the East, the tiger is the king of the mountains. Defender against evil influences, the tiger gives success in business and new grandiose undertakings.

The various peoples of a tiger is associated with a variety of things. At first the animal personified the forces of the Moon, the second - with solar power. In various works of art depicts the battle with the wily snake. Snake in the battle plays the role of dark forces, and "Big Cat" - ground forces. In the eastern, more specifically in China, the holy writings reveals the mythological battle of the tiger with a lion (sometimes with the Dragon). In this confrontation first predator

is a symbol of the traveler of the earth. Tiger has also been associated with the will of the emperor, lord. Associated with it such dignity, such as a sense of personal virtue, while at the same time, cruelty and enormous power. On many different artist's canvas painted East Asian tigers as a symbol of Mother Earth. If you follow the records of the alchemists of China, the predator must assume a symbol of power and physiological chemistry of the elements such as lead. The

Aztecs is a powerful creature associated with the call light, surnamed chthonic forces, the Earth's energy. If guided by the concept of Buddhism, the tiger must be regarded as one of the few cool things. This trinity of "soulless" beings united by the presence of any of them such features as anger and hatred. Two other cool creatures rely as the personification of incredible concise - a monkey and deer, which acted as a symbol of greed. In China, the tiger is associated with the master of the living creatures that live on land. Of feng Shui Tiger should be considered once the emblem of the male (yang) and feminine (yin). So this is a strong creature, depending on factors personified with courage, strength of a warrior and fury, but on the other side of the tiger often depicted together with the Heavenly Dragon - the personification of feminine activity. Therefore, we conclude that the image on one canvas two expressions need to believe the union of two forces - spiritual and material.

Included with this drawing is a signed "Certificate of Authenticity" by the painter as Original work, drawing description and historical fact sheet, and "How To care

For Your Drawing". On the reverse side of this drawing is the Artist's DNA with his

Right hand thumb print in yellow paint, signed, dated with the relevant

Registered protect you, the new owner and the Artist from fraud.

Additionally, this drawing has a silicon coating for its protection, preservationand longevity.

Medium: colored Pencil on 300gsm paper.

Drawn: 2004

NOTE: This image, or part thereof is subject to world copyright laws.

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