Connection & Healing Stone

Connection & Healing Stone
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This stone, from Saltwater Lagoon, of my People’s Aboriginal Dreamtime represents theconnection” of two people from different Cultures and Heritage; but who’s Forefathers, like mine survived such vilification and flourished in an abundance of Richness, immense Pride and Respect.

The painting of my Aboriginal Dot Art on this Timeless Stone “Connects” their National Flags of

Scotland and Ireland to my Dreamtime bringing them Spiritual Peace, Health, Happiness and

everlasting Love!

This Stone is Unique! It is millions of years old and there is no other stone like it on this planet. It

was gathered by me, along with many others when I was still a young boy living on our farm at

Saltwater, opposite Wallabi Beach; even at that time I knew I wanted to paint them in the

Traditional Aboriginal Art; as I saw many of my tribes people at the time. Sadly, their work has

disappeared so I hope that my Saltwater Dreamtime Stones will carry on with our Forefathers

tradition. The new owners of this Stone will share in a piece of Spiritual Culture and History; a Timeless Stone that will give them everlasting Peace and “connection” with each other and with our Good Earth and Our People.

Thomas Smith

Biripi Clan

Saltwater 2007

Included with this painting is a signed "Certificate of Authenticity" by the painter as Original work,painting description and historical fact sheet, and "How to Care For Your Painting". On the reverse side of this painting is the Artist's DNA with his Right hand thumb print in yellow paint, signed,dated with the relevant registered protect you, the new owner and the Artist fromfraud. Additionally, this painting has a silicon coating for its protection, preservation and longevity.

Medium: Acrylic Paint on Stone.

Size: 13cm x 11cm x 6cm Weight: 837 grams

GUARANTEE: should you NOT be satisfied with your purchase, then at your own cost you may returnyour painting/drawing to the artist (in the same condition) and you will refunded in full of youroriginal purchase price.

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