Ellenborough Falls

Ellenborough Falls
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These falls are a spectacular sight as they plunge from the Bulga Plateau level into a vertical walled box gorge 200 metres below. They are the longest single drop waterfall in the Southern hemisphere. Situated in my clan’s Biripi country and west of the towns of Taree and Wingham, NSW Australia is a sight to be seen. 

This painting depicts in Dot Art form of this spectacular waterfall. The red painted dots at the bottom of the painting represents the numerous beautiful flowering *Illawarra Flame trees that grow naturally in this amazing gorge and is a sight worth viewing during their flowering season. 

The grey and brown/black areas of the painting represent the surrounding rock that has been deprived of the natural bush growth due to the fury of the plunging waterfall, especially during times of heavy rainfall. 

The bottom of the waterfall can be seen by climbing down a brilliantly constructed wooden walkway. 

I have visited this placed many times having been so fascinated with

it since my first visit with my father as a child over half a century ago. 

It is also rumoured to be the hiding/resting place of infamous Aboriginal Jimmy Governor, the last bushranger (outlaw) of NSW who was captured just a few kilometres down the Bulga Road in 1901, where a plaque has been erected. He was hanged later that year for a his murderous crimes. 

* Brachychiton is a genus of 30 or more species, most of which occur in tropical parts of Australia in dry areas or in rainforest. They are large shrubs or trees. Illawarra flame tree is the most commonly cultivated species due to its spectacular crimson flowers. The Kurrajong (B.populneus) is one of the most widely distributed and is also a common tree in cultivation. B.acerifolius is a small to medium sized tree which may reach 30-35 metres in height although it is usually much smaller in cultivation in cooler areas. Leaves are about 250 mm long and may have entire margins or be deeply lobed. The bell- shaped flowers occur in clusters at the ends of the branches. The flowers are followed by large, leathery seed capsules which contain many corn-like seeds. 

B.acerifolius is generally deciduous before flowers are seen in early summer. However, the deciduous nature of the plant is variable; in some seasons foliage will be retained on all or part of the tree. In a "good year" the Illawarra flame tree is arguably the most spectacular of all Australia's native trees. Flowering may take around 5-8 years from seed. The tree is hardy in a wide range of soils and is suited for temperate to tropical areas. 

Medium: Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas.

Painted: 2007.  


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