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Unveil Beauty, Ignite Inspiration

Explore the world of artistry and philanthropy with Thomas Art Gallery.


At Thomas Art Gallery, art transcends. Nationally acclaimed for both artistry and philanthropy, we infuse purpose into every stroke. Experience transformative creations that resonate deeply, as we forge connections through the power of visual storytelling


About our art

Created by Artists, Philanthropists, Speakers

My art covers a wide and diverse subject, from my ‘signature’ Aboriginal DOT art to Abstract art, via painting native flora and fauna to Australian Outback scenes. All of my art is well known for my use of bright and vivid colours.

To ensure the longevity and security of my art, the following notes need to be considered by prospective buyers.

  1. Quality. I only use imported German made acrylic paints and canvas, and canvas board with minimum triple primer and coats of paint.

  2. All of my art comes with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’, painting description and a brief subject history.

  3. My art has my signature on the bottom right-hand corner of the painting and on the reverse side over yellow paint of my right-hand thumb which includes my DNA.

  4. All of my paintings are signed in my third Christian name, ‘Thomas’ as a tribute to my late twin brother.

  5. All my works of art have a registered number and year of painting. I sincerely hope that my art and story telling will also enlighten the owners of my unique art, especially my Aboriginal art bringing them closer to understanding our First Nations People’s History, Culture and Philosophy of their complex social structure!


Thomas Smith, Artist
Saltwater Dreamtime 2023©



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  • Booking a workshop or speaking event

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