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Thomas Art Gallery

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Original Masterpieces

Welcome to a realm where art transcends aesthetics and becomes a conduit for heritage. Explore the gallery, connect with narratives, and let Thomas' art kindle a sense of connection and appreciation. In these strokes and dots lies a dedication to stories that deserve a canvas. Experience the harmonious blend of inspiration and vibrancy, where cultural echoes find artistic expression.


Immerse yourself in a showcase of unique creations resonating with nature's hues and cultural echoes. Thomas reflects the importance of Aboriginal history, infusing every piece with profound meaning. A commitment to preservation is etched into every layer, each canvas primed four times to retain vibrancy through time.

Experience the harmonious blend of inspiration and vibrancy, where cultural echoes find artistic expression.

Custom Artistry

Accept an invitation to transform commercial spaces into living canvases. With an innate ability to infuse the essence of a venue into art, Thomas crafts bespoke masterpieces that captivate your customers and resonate with your brand.


Beyond restaurants, Thomas extends his passion for art to educational realms. Partnering with schools, he brings Aboriginal art to the forefront, enriching cultural education. By sharing his heritage and narratives, he opens students' minds to the beauty of tradition and the importance of preserving history.


Work with Thomas to fuse creativity and collaboration—where spaces evolve into narratives and art becomes a bridge between cultures. Experience the transformative power of art as Thomas crafts personalised stories that adorn walls and hearts alike.


Workshops & Speaking

Thomas's speaking engagements deliver impactful insights. With his Biripi heritage as a backdrop, he shares the power of cultural preservation and its relevance to today's global landscape. His talks inspire respect for traditions and encourage organisations to weave diversity into their fabric.

In school settings, Thomas's workshops transcend the canvas, offering students an immersive journey into Aboriginal heritage. Through hands-on art sessions, young minds grasp the significance of dot art while connecting with a rich cultural tapestry. His speaking engagements provide a bridge between history and modernity, fostering respect and appreciation for diversity.

For corporate environments, Thomas's workshops offer a creative outlet that unites teams. Participants delve into the world of Aboriginal art, using it as a lens to explore collaboration, innovation, and storytelling. These sessions foster a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere that resonates far beyond the canvas.


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